9 Fruit Puree Mixers to Use This Summer

summer fruit puree drinks on a poolside bar with a cactus

Elevate your summer baking, cocktails, or smoothies with easy-to-use fruit puree mixers that celebrate the bright, bold flavors of summer. These gourmet mixers can be used in your favorite dishes and lend big flavor to your favorite summer treats. Discover our top summer fruit puree mixers and get inspired by our selection of seasonal recipes, ideas, and more.


Mango fruits

This beautiful, bright gourmet mixer has a natural sweetness and delicious aroma that takes center stage in your favorite summer recipes. Use this mango fruit puree as a mixer to create a classic mango ice cream, or create a booze-infused mango ginger sorbet for a zingy spiked dessert to wow your guests at your next backyard barbecue. 

Pink Guava

guava fruits in containers outside


With an earthy sweetness and a delicious tropical tang, make this guava fruit puree a mixer that easily stands on its own or blend with other tropical fruit purees to create a delicious summer flavor profile. Native to the American tropics, this fruit has a slightly floral taste that’s compared to a cross between a pear and a strawberry. Use this gourmet mixer in a fruited sour ale or create a compote for your favorite summer cakes.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit cut in half

This delightful fruit puree mixer features a naturally sour flavor profile and a delicious floral aroma that blends well with citrus flavors. Use your passion fruit puree in homebrewed hard kombucha, or blend it with orange puree, guava gourmet mixers, and your favorite rum for a refreshing summer cocktail recipe. You can also freeze this fruit puree to use for your favorite breakfast smoothies.


Strawberries in containers

Nothing says summer like bright, perfectly ripe strawberries. Make a strawberry fruit puree mixer to use in cakes, pastries, ice cream, popsicles, or your favorite summer cocktails to add fresh flavor to your favorite culinary creations. Combine this refreshing gourmet mixer with your favorite vodka, lime, and club soda for a simple cocktail, or add moisture and flavor to your favorite baked goods by adding a few tablespoons to your mix before baking.


oranges handing on a tree

There’s no need for fresh oranges when you have a delicious, sun-ripened orange fruit puree. We pick and press all of our fruits at peak ripeness for the best summer flavors in aseptic packaging. Use this zesty fruit puree in your favorite smoothies (or smoothie beer!) or combine it with almond flour to create a classic orange cake that will sit pretty on your countertop. It’s also great to freeze and use as ice cubes in your favorite juices or cocktails, too.


a pile of pineapples

To us, pineapple puree is the epitome of tropical flavor. We use sweet and juicy Honey Gold pineapples for a non-GMO, no-sugar-added fruit puree mixer that will instantly transport you to the tropics. We love this gourmet mixer in summer cocktails (pina colada, anyone?), but it’s also great in kombucha, or for adding moisture to your favorite baked goods. Add it to your favorite muffin recipe for a Maui-inspired treat that will brighten your morning.


a coconut cut in half on a table

Make unique beverages with the tropical twist of a 100% real coconut fruit puree mixer. This gourmet mixer has a delicious natural sweetness and a subtle aroma that lends tropical flavor to any dish or homebrew. Add your coconut puree to your favorite smoothies, milkshakes, or cocktails to bring a reach, creamy flavor to your favorite summer creations. For an added twist, combine it with our mango puree for a tantalizing flavor that’s tropical and refreshing.


Papaya fruits laying on a leaf

This tropical fruit is buttery, sweet, and pungent to bring an exotic flair to any summer recipe. If you haven’t yet tasted this delicious fruit, many say it tastes like a cross between a mango and a cantaloupe. This papaya fruit puree mixer tastes great by itself, but it also blends well with lime and salt. We love it in a tropical margarita, but it can also make a tasty mocktail, too. Add it to your craft brews for a tropical twist or create a delightful sour beer that your customers will love.


Bananas on a tree

This mild tropical fruit is creamy, delicious, sweet, and starchy. Banana fruit purees work great with rich and dark brews, and we happen to love it in an out-of-the-box banana bread ale. The complex flavor profile of this gourmet mixer includes hints of brown sugar, vanilla, melon, and caramel and makes a great addition to your summer baking. Freeze this puree for an easy smoothie starter and combine it with your favorite greens, superfoods, and fruits for a simple breakfast that’s rich in vitamins and heart-healthy antioxidants.

The Best Summer Fruit Puree Mixers

All of our bold, fresh-tasting summer fruit puree mixers are made from sun-ripened fruit picked at the peak of ripeness. We’re proud to offer 100% natural, vegan, dairy and gluten-free gourmet mixers for your favorite cocktails, homebrews, or baking uses. Shop our full collection of fruit purees and enjoy ready-to-use fruit mixers that add delicious, fresh flavor to your favorite summer recipes.


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