9 Summer Cocktail Recipes to Stay Cool

A watermelon cocktail flat lay with ice, watermelon, and key limes

As the weather warms, there’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity, herbal, frozen cocktail or fruit puree drink to sip on the beach, pool, or patio. Our list of delicious summer cocktail recipes plays to the season’s best flavors: juicy watermelon, sweet mango, and bright mint and basil.

Use your favorite spirits, cocktail syrups, and mixers to create a refreshing summer beverage with your at-home or professional bar that makes the most of summer’s bright, bold flavors.

We’ve rounded up our favorite summer cocktail recipes below—from spicy watermelon jalapeno margaritas to a refreshing strawberry vodka fizz, there’s a fruit-forward drink that everyone will enjoy.

Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita

A spicy watermelon jalapeno margarita with a floral bouquet garnish

Looking for something sweet and spicy? A watermelon jalapeno margarita is the perfect summer cocktail recipe for those that like spicy, tart, and sweet flavors all in one. This recipe combines your favorite tequila with watermelon juice and an easy-to-make jalapeno simple syrup for a pretty-in-pink fruit puree drink that will become a new summer staple. 

Strawberry Vodka Fizz

 A Strawberry vodka fizz with a strawberry and lime garnish

Keep cool with a balanced, juicy vodka fizz that’s great for beating the summer heat. This summer cocktail recipe combines strawberry puree, fresh lime, and cooling mint for a bubbly drink that’s the perfect centerpiece for your next outdoor barbecue or get-together. Mix it up by replacing classic prosecco with ginger beer for a Moscow Mule-inspired twist. Try out this hydrating fruit puree drink recipe.

Orange Ginger Moscow Mule

 An orange ginger Moscow mule by the pool

This citrus-forward take on the traditional Moscow Mule uses freshly squeezed oranges for a bright, bold summer flavor. Grab your favorite Moscow Mule mugs and combine vodka with freshly squeezed orange puree, lemon, and ginger beer and garnish with an orange slice and a bit of candied ginger for a summer cocktail recipe that will look just as good as it tastes. Mix it up by incorporating tangerine or pineapple fruit purees or add a splash of Pimm’s No. 1 for added herbal notes.

Red Sangria

Red sangria against a tropical background

There’s nothing like a classic red sangria on a hot summer’s day. This fruit-forward summer cocktail recipe comes together quickly with your favorite red wine, brandy, a hint of brown sugar, and your favorite summer fruit purees. Muddle your fruits and stir to combine—adding in leftover, cut-up fruit is a great option for making delicious booze-infused fruit, too. Chill in your freezer and add this easy recipe to your summer rotation for a flavorful cocktail you’ll enjoy sipping all summer long. Make a classic, Spanish-inspired red sangria today!

Blackberry Vodka Lemonade

A blackberry lemonade flat lay with three glasses, lime, and a dishcloth

It’s just like your mom used to make, only better and boozier. Create this fruit puree drink by combining a sweet homemade lemonade with a fresh berry puree and your favorite vodka of choice. You can mix up this recipe by adding bourbon or spice it up with your favorite tequila or mezcal. Take a shortcut by using a premade berry lemonade from your local market or a fresh Andean blackberry fruit puree from Fierce Fruit. Enjoy this summer cocktail recipe today!

Tee Time

A tee time cocktail on a wooden bar

This refreshing, vodka-based cocktail is just as good on the putting green as it is on your back patio. Combine citrus-flavored spirits with fresh iced tea, lemon puree, and a little bit of elderflower liqueur for a balanced, freshly flavored beverage that feels great to sip on a hot summer day. You can vary this recipe by replacing the vodka with your favorite bourbon or exchanging your elderflower liqueur for a sweet and bright Triple Sec.

Pour this summer cocktail recipe over ice, stir, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Skinny Huckleberry Sour 

A skinny huckleberry sour with a starfish garnish on a pink background

Looking for a refreshing fruit puree drink that’s light on added sugar and calories? Enjoy our delicious and easy-to-make skinny huckleberry sour. This summer cocktail recipe combines huckleberry-flavored vodka with zero-calorie ginger beer, diet lemon-lime soda, and light raspberry lemonade drink mix for a delicious recipe that’s good for your waistline, too. Top your summer cocktail with fresh blackberries and raspberry puree, or up the flavor profile by muddling them in the bottom of your glass.

Last Word Cocktail

A gin cocktail poured with fresh limes and herbs

This gin-based cocktail was created just before Prohibition, and became one of the era’s most well-known drinks. It was a staple for a reason—its balance of refreshing gin, sweet green Chartreuse, and sour lime come together for a delicious summer staple. Head to your favorite liquor store to grab some of the harder-to-find herbals and finish with a cherry fruit puree. Try this summer cocktail recipe today! 

Coconut Margarita

A coconut margarita with a coconut garnish

What list of summer cocktail recipes would be complete without this classic tropical flavor? Pair coconut puree with your favorite rum, tequila, or vodka, for a deliciously refreshing drink that will bring to mind bright white beaches, swaying palms, and clear blue water. We love the crunchy coconut topping and the zing of fresh lime, too. 

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