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Real stone fruit purees reveal a complex and sensual flavor profile that tastes like pure bliss in all seasons. Made from fresh, sun-ripened fruits that are free from GMOs, we make the highest-quality puree you’ll find for sale today. Explore our Fierce Fruit selection to find the perfect puree to add to your next batch of fruited beer.

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Try Stone Fruit in Your Fruited Beer

Stone fruits are members of the Prunus genus, getting their name from the stony pit at their core. These fleshy fruits thrive in warm environments and offer a bright, floral flavor profile. Their smooth, mild taste evokes long summer days and fresh-baked pies. Stone fruits are the perfect complement to pale ales, IPAs, and seltzers, but also pair well with Belgian beers, stouts, sours, and cherry ales.

With their mild and sweet flavor, our stone fruit purees blend deliciously with berry purees, tropical purees, and citrus purees. Our favorite fruit pairings include banana, raspberry, feijoa, and curuba. Blended into a fruited beer, stone fruits add complexity and smoothness to other fresh fruit purees.

Why Choose Fierce Fruit?

We craft our fresh fruit puree from real, sun-ripened fruit grown among the rich soils of the South American Andes. Free from GMOs, dairy, gluten, and artificial flavors, you’re getting the best in bold fruit for your next brew. Fierce Fruit uses high-barrier aseptic packaging and pasteurization processes to ensure we’re providing our customers with the highest-quality puree for sale on the market today.

Find the perfect fruit puree to add to your ciders, beer, kombucha, and more, and take advantage of our low rate shipping and free warehouse pick-up for local orders. For wholesale orders with price-match guarantees and no minimum purchase amount, get in touch with us today!

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