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Dear Fierce Fruit Friends,

We hope you will join us in our passion for fruit. Would it be crazy to make a puree from every fruit in the world? There are over 1000 fruits!

Mother Nature’s imagination is impressive. Each fruit bursts with its own unmistakable flavor. Living in Colombia, every time we tried to describe the flavor of a new fruit, we would end up saying, “It’s incredible. There is nothing else like it.”

We wanted to bring these flavors back and share them in sufficient quantities and with the consistent quality needed for brewing and manufacturing. We met with farmers, visited fertile valleys in the Andes Mountains, and built relationships with processing plants that meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. All of this to develop a supply chain of sun-ripened, non-GMO, fresh fruit purées. This way you can experience the real, pure, FIERCE flavor straight from Mother Nature.

Whether it’s beer, seltzer, cider, mead, kombucha or other creation, we hope our fruit purees will delight you and your customers. We love connecting with you, visiting your breweries and buying your beverages, collaborating on recipes, and innovating together. We invite you to reach out to us directly or by filling out the Contact Us form for a quick reply.

From our family to yours,

Dana and Jose

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