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From brewing hard seltzers to cocktails and ciders, there’s no better way to get fresh, amazing flavor profiles than with 100% fruit. Fierce Fruit purees are all-natural, sun-ripened, pasteurized, and ready to use right out of the bag! No matter what you’re stirring up, we have the products and tips to help you through the process. Upgrade your mixology game with Fierce Fruit’s new and imaginative fruit blends and purees, sure to enhance your flavor arsenal and set your delectable creations apart from the rest.

Flavorful Fruit Purees For Cocktails

A collection of cocktails made with fruit puree
Fruit Cocktail Mixers
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Our fruit purees are the perfect ingredient to make the most delicious fruit ciders, fruit seltzers, and cocktails! We carry a large variety of fruits that are especially mixed and balanced to bring out the best of every ingredient. With smooth, bright flavors and vibrant, saturated colors, our fruit purees are the perfect addition to any beverage recipe! Balance out the sweetness with a tart citrus puree, or bring in a beautiful color with a bright, tropical real fruit puree! The possibilities are endless—the only thing missing is you!

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