Our Top Fruit Puree Cocktail Ideas

There’s no better way to brighten up a cocktail than by adding fresh fruits. Enhance the depth and complexity of your cocktail menu with aseptic fruit purees from Fierce Fruit. Our 100% natural fruit purees for cocktails are blended from sun-ripened, non-GMO fruits that are hand selected at their ideal time of harvest. 

Ready to elevate your mixology to an art form? Start with a few of these amazing Fierce Fruit-inspired cocktails!

Five cocktails at a bar including three martinis, a blended strawberry drink, and a mixed drink in various glasses including martini glasses and an old fashioned glass

Vodka Strawberry Lemonade

We can’t think of a more classic combination than strawberry and lemonade. Both tart and a bit sweet, this beautiful cocktail is an essential summer drink that carries its weight in any season! 

Simply choose your favorite vodka and add strawberry puree, lemon puree, and sweetener to taste. Chill, shake, and serve over ice, then garnish with a bit of mint for a tart and tangy treat. 

Cherry Moscow Mule

Here’s an amazing addition with cherry puree fruit puree for cocktails! The Cherry Moscow Mule features vodka, ginger beer, and lime puree. Balance the spicy ginger beer and the sour lime with a bit of sweet and tart cherry puree for an unparalleled taste. 

Garnish with a slice of lime and mint in the requisite copper mug that keeps this delight chilled.

Group of nine women holding cocktails including peach bellinis and wine

Peach Bellini

Perhaps the most timeless of all brunch cocktails gets a bit of an enhancement with Fierce Fruit’s peach puree

The Peach Bellini is so easy, a novice will even feel at home mixing the Prosecco and peach puree. All you have to do is serve chilled Prosecco mixed with this delicious peach puree. There is no additional ice added to this smooth delight. 

Garnish with a slice of peach, and enjoy this lovely cocktail with fruit puree

Bourbon Cherry Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned has made a big comeback in popularity over the last few years. Whisky collecting and tasting is a bigger market than ever before. Why not add a contemporary twist on this timeless classic by adding fruit puree for this cocktail?

The classic Old Fashioned combines whiskey with muddled water, sugar, and bitters. Served with a few ice cubes in an old fashioned glass and garnished with an orange slice and a cocktail cherry, this old school drink has stood the test of time. 

To update this 1880s classic, add some cherry puree in the muddling glass for a tangy twist! 

Red cocktail in an old fashioned glass on a bar garnished with an orange, next to stirring spoons.

Raspberry Caipirinha

The word “Caipirinha” alone exudes smooth, summer samba energy. Add tart and sweet raspberry puree to bring the Caipirinha out of its shell. Fruit purees for cocktails add unmistakable depth and flavor.

Enhance the flavors of cachaça and lime with lovely raspberry. Simply muddle the fruits and sugar together, then add the cachaça. Pour over crushed ice into an old fashioned or tall glass. 

Cachaça is similar to rum, originates from sugarcane, and is the liquor distilled from fermented sugarcane juice in Brasil. It contains between 38 and 54 percent alcohol by volume. 

Legend has it that the Caipirinha cured the Spanish Flu epidemic in the early 1900s — do you need a better reason to add this beautiful drink to your bar list?

Blackberry Rambler Whiskey Cocktail

Another great puree for cocktails and whiskey sip is the Blackberry Rambler. This brunch favorite features whiskey and a light lager, such as Abita. 

The ingredients list includes ginger, mint, lemon, honey syrup, a light lager (Abita or similar), a bourbon or whiskey of choice, and Fierce Fruit’s blackberry puree.

This easy cocktail with a fruit puree simply requires you to muddle the mint and ginger in a shaker. Add in whiskey, syrup, lemon puree, and blackberry puree. Double strain the mix over ice into a tall pilsner glass. Pour over with Abita or a similar light lager. 

Garnish this lovely concoction with 1 mint sprig and ginger in a shaker. Add bourbon, syrup, and lemon puree, and shake. Strain twice over ice in a pilsner glass. Top off this cocktail with a splash of beer and garnish with a mint sprig.

Three old fashioned glasses filled with light red blackberry cocktails served over ice.

Pineapple Mojito

How about his fresh and bright take on a mojito? This simple yet elegant fruit puree for cocktails requires white rum, sugar, lime, soda water, pineapple puree, and mint. 

Simply muddle the mint sprigs with sugar and lime puree. Add in the pineapple puree and rum, then top with soda water. 

Serve this delight over ice in a Collins glass and garnish with mint. 

Three old fashioned glasses filled with light red blackberry cocktails served over ice

Mango Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail

Another fresh and beautiful delight is this Mango Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail. Passion fruit is a delectable fruit, but only grows in the tropics. Ripe mangoes are somewhat more plentiful, but still very difficult to find in a grocery store. Using perfectly ripened, sweet, and rich fruit purees in this cocktail is the perfect solution.

This blended drink combines coconut rum, mango puree, passion fruit puree, ice, and water to a cool, smooth blended consistency. 

Serve in a tall daiquiri glass with a straw, no garnish required. 

Raspberry Peach Mimosas

This blend is perhaps one of the most beautiful brunch cocktails with fruit puree we’ve seen yet! 

The raspberry and peach blend together to create a beautiful purple hue. Use your favorite chilled, tart champagne and shake with delicious peach puree and raspberry puree

Pour the chilled mixture into a tall champagne flute and garnish as desired. This winning combination will impress any guest!

Blueberry Collins

Last, but certainly not least, the Blueberry Collins. This famous gin drink gets a kick of sweet with blueberry puree. 

Ingredients of gin, sugar, Fierce Fruit blueberry puree, lemon puree, and carbonated water are merged to create this amazing “spiked lemonade.” This drink is another great way to use fruit purees for cocktails.

Prepare and mix the gin, sugar, blueberry puree and lemon in a Collins glass. Pour in the carbonated water and serve over ice. Garnish with a lemon slice and a maraschino cherry. 

Strong yet brimming with citrus, add this to the menu for a special treat! 

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