Craft the Ultimate Stone Fruit Beer with Plums, Peaches, and Cherries!

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Stone fruits have long been used in micro brewing to add a fruity note to a variety of craft beers. These light, summer-friendly, and complex fruits can add a mild natural sweetness and acidic tang to your next batch. There’s plenty of room for experimentation to find the perfect blend and discover your new favorite flavor combination.

We’ve put together a quick guide to crafting the ultimate stone fruit beer using our delicious, non-GMO, 100% fruit purees. From plum beer to peach beer, why not take a dive into the delicious, fruity world of stone fruit brewing and create a refreshing, crowd-pleasing blend to impress at your next event?

Plum Beer

Fruity, red, dark, and deep, plum beer can be a rich and intense brew that conjures up warm notes on hazy fall days and chilly evenings. Plum wine has been a staple in Asian cooking for centuries, and in Japan, it’s made by steeping ripe plums in sugar and white liquor to create an aromatic, smooth beverage. Why not take inspiration from this ancient tradition and create a palate-cleansing beer to pair with Japanese cuisine for a delicious culinary experience?

As the light pulp of the plum is often paired with salt to quench thirst, this beer makes a delicious accompaniment for fried foods like tempura. Cleanse the palate with a swig of plum beer after enjoying dark, salty soy sauce flavors, or savor the delicate taste of plum with a lighter beer that will allow the fruit flavor to shine through. There’s plenty of space to experiment and try different varieties!

A honey wheat ale would be another great place to start, and using a Belgian Abbey or Trappist yeast will help the fruity notes of the plum cut through. To highlight the fruit’s acidic notes, try brewing it in a dark stout to counteract the beer's deeper, heady chocolate flavors. You can also dial up the sweeter natural flavors with a rich honeyed mead for a truly warming flavor experience.

Bowl of ripe cherries on a wooden table

Cherry-Flavored Beers

Cherry is one of the most laborious fruits to harvest and pulp, but oh so worth it. This sweet, acidic, and earthy fruit is a wonderfully refreshing addition to many kinds of beers, ales, stouts, and more. Its lightly floral aroma brings extra dimensions of depth and complexity to a cherry-flavored beer, while the acerbic tanginess is deeply refreshing on a hot summer day. This fantastic fruit plays nicely with other flavors, so perhaps consider blending it with other acidic fruits like pineapple and plum.

Cherry-flavored beer seems to have first originated in Belgium, with brewers adding dried red cherries into the barrels along with the barley, malt, water hops, and yeast before beginning the fermentation process. Now favored across Europe in countries like Germany and the Czech Republic, this beer is a staple when served alongside salty and fatty snacks which allow the acidity of the cherries to shine. It also complements sweet foods like cheesecake, and soft, creamy cheeses like brie, making it an ideal accompaniment to a charcuterie board with baked French Camembert at the center.

The bright, deep red of the cherries gives a unique and aesthetically pleasing hue to the beer, and the flavor profile is delicious with light pilsners and summer lagers. But if you’re looking to take your flavors to the next level, why not try experimenting with the richness of the cherry to create something uniquely delicious?

Cherry-flavored beer conjures up sweet cherry pie and black forest gateaux, so consider adding cacao nibs and vanilla to your batch to unearth the darker flavors of the cherry pulp.

Peach Beer

Peach and alcohol often conjure up images of overly sweet peach schnapps, but the truth is that peaches have a beautifully complex flavor profile that can enhance many different brews. The peach is another of the earthy stone fruits, sitting on the slightly sweeter end of the spectrum. Often used in cocktails (think bellinis and boozy iced teas), this deliciously delicate fruit is fantastic in kombucha and seltzers but can be a truly divine addition to beers and hard ciders

Peach beer is another summer staple, and the light and slightly floral aromatic profile of peaches can add an earthy crispness to your favorite IPAs. Lean into the unique sweetness of the peach to create unique flavor combinations!

Want to try something new? The creamy pulp of banana, balanced with the peach, can create a flavor akin to peaches and cream. Like the plum beer, it’s often paired well with acidic foods to enhance the sharp taste in dishes that incorporate crumbly blue cheeses, salty feta, and tart salad dressings.

Try Stone Fruit Puree for the Perfect Summer Brew

Wherever you are in your brewing journey, our deliciously fruity aseptic purees take the hassle out of creating your own stone fruit pulp so you can focus on experimenting and brewing up your next delicious batch. If you’ve only tried stone fruits in cooking, it could be time to take the plunge and begin creating bold new flavors in your next brew!

What will you try next? Whether you prefer the tangy richness of plum beer with a rich, soy sauce-based dish, the light acerbic taste of the cherry-flavored beer in a milk stout, or the sweet and creamy flavor of peach beer, the possibilities are endless. Shop our selection of real fruit purees and start brewing today!

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