Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Festive Fruit Beers

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While some people might be thinking it’s time to break out the stouts for their St. Patrick’s Day beer, we have a different idea! Let’s highlight some of the best seasonal fruit-enhanced beverages for this springtime holiday. At Fierce Fruit, we encourage brewers and drinkers alike to experiment and explore unusual fruit brews that could be the next big thing. Check out our favorite flavor profiles for St. Patrick’s Day now to get inspired!

1. Cherry Red Ale

If you’re trying to create a malty red ale with the aroma of stone fruits and a hint of dark chocolate, a red ale with cherries could be the perfect fruit brew for you. You could add the cherries as a second source of sugar during the brewing stage to build another layer of sweetness to a medium-bodied beer. 

Are you just interested in enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day beer? Skip out on the green brew and opt for something that actually tastes good, feels festive, and provides a completely unique flavor profile!

2. Grapefruit IPA

A spring fruit that many people overlook, grapefruit is a great choice for an IPA. While citrus purée is a popular option for all types of beer – from wheat to Belgian ale – most brewers opt for orange, tangerine, or lemon. Grapefruits provide a bitter, tart balance to the hoppiness of an IPA, an ideal change of pace from softer citrus notes.

Choose a grapefruit St. Patrick’s Day beer and prepare your tongue for a bracing and bright flavor profile that delivers a powerful aroma from the grapefruit rind.

3. Lemon Wheat

People toasting beer mugs

 Lemon in a wheat beer? You must think we’re crazy! But we promise this delivers an amazing punch of flavor to enhance the wheat aromas. Instead of a German-style weissbier, you get something closer to a crisp farmhouse ale reminiscent of what you might expect to find in France or Belgium.

When you choose this St. Patrick’s Day beer, you’ll get the lemony flavor and tang, but it will be missing the sharpness you expect from this fruit. Anyone who isn’t a big fan of the more traditional Irish stouts or porters will love this twist on a springtime fruit.

4. Mango Blond

Who would ever think of putting a tropical twist on a St. Patrick’s Day beer? We would! No matter where you’re living, you can take a mini vacation with a mango blond. Create a light-bodied ale with the subtle sweetness of mango that doesn’t overpower that delicious golden malt.

Mango is the perfect complement to corned beef and potatoes! We promise that you’ll love the fresh sweetness of this fruit brew with all the traditional foods of the holiday.

5. Plum Beer

Two people drinking green beer

If you want something that’s truly Irish-themed, consider one of the native fruits of Ireland to enhance your beer flavors – like plums! A plum sour beer could be the most unusual and unique thing that you try for this holiday. Refreshing but still rich, you can combine the sweetness of plums with the addition of citrus and hops to create a balanced earthiness nobody can resist. We recommend that you consider tying all these flavors together with a touch of vanilla for a complex, layered feast for the tongue.

Start Brewing (Or Drinking)!

Whether you’re a professional brewer, homebrewer, or just a beer enthusiast, exploring new St. Patrick’s Day beers can make your evening much more exciting and satisfying. You can still enjoy all your old favorites – like Guinness and Murphy’s – but throw in something a little different to challenge your palette and start a new trend.

We love encouraging homebrewers to start a new fruit brew! This craft can be endlessly creative, with your originality and imagination driving you to develop everything from kombucha to cider, ales, and beer.

Finding Fruit Purées

If we inspired you to try making a new kind of St. Patrick’s Day beer, you may want to turn to Fierce Fruit again for some of your most essential supplies. With our high-quality, real fruit purées, you can infuse powerful, potent flavors into every brew. Check out purées for every season available in any size you need, including 4.4 LB Purées for small batches, 44 LB Purées for large orders, and drums for the biggest restock.

Looking for answers about our fruit purées? Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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