Cinco De Mayo Fruit Beers to Make This Year

tropical fruits for Cinco de Mayo beers

Fruit purees for festive, Cinco de Mayo beers are an excellent way to enhance your average drink menu. Whether you are brewing small or large batches, we have some wonderful recipes to add to your brew batch. When we think about Cinco de Mayo, we welcome non-GMO, 100% natural, bold, and strong fruits. Let’s take a quick look at our favorite Cinco de Mayo beverages to highlight a festive celebration. Read more for our favorite fruited brews that make the best beers for Cinco de Mayo.

Lulo (Naranjilla)

The small orange fruit that is also called naranjilla or lulo is a great addition to your favorite sour brew or IPA. This lovely fruit has exotic notes that combine citrus and pineapple for a delectable sweet yet sour treat. Create a special brew with a delightful fruit that is sure to spark conversation. Enjoy the lulo in a Cinco de Mayo beer with a beautiful blend of barley, hops, water, and yeast. 


One of Mexico’s fruit favorites is surely the mango. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by bringing this sweet fruit to your tasting table. Mango puree blends wonderfully with some of your favorite brews that include sour beers, wheat beers, and IPAs. Bring a tangy fruit into your tasting menu for the upcoming summer season with a great mango brew.       


Green limes on a bush with leaves

Try adding lime puree for an amazing fruit brewing fixture. This classic fruit blended with a lager will be a great craft brew menu addition. Rival the lime + beer classics with your craft recipe. Balance full-bodied brews with classic lime this Cinco de Mayo. 


Create more exotic blends with pineapple. Not only will you add a delightful sweetness to your craft brew, this lovely fruit mixes well with many brew types to create memorable blends. Try your go-to IPA brewed with pineapple puree to make for a brew that celebrates warm, tropical vibes this spring with a tried and true Cinco de Mayo beer


How about a great berry blend? Another favorite of ours is strawberry puree. This fantastic Mexican berry can be added to classic wheats and crisp IPAs. Celebrate the best fruits with beautiful brews. Combine strawberry and lime for another exciting blend that will be a fast favorite on your Cinco de Mayo beer tasting menu.


Oranges on a bush with leaves

Highlight vibrant fruit by choosing to blend orange puree into a sour beer. Be creative with your brewing recipe and highlight citrus notes with a bright orange brew. Again, you can create amazing blends with a variety of fruits, along with your favorite craft brews. Wheats, sours, and IPAs all take very well to citrus blends. Get creative and produce new flavors for the best beers on Cinco de Mayo.

Pink Guava

Blend exotic guava puree into your next craft brew to make a lasting impression with unique tastes. Nothing is more exciting than a tropical fruit puree beer brewed to perfection.

Keep It Festive With Fruit Beers

Cinco de Mayo beers are a hit when you combine outstanding flavors that include some of Mexico’s favorite fruits, such as amazing citruses, like lulo, lime, orange. Try other great recipes that may include fruit purees, such as strawberry, mango, pineapple, or guava. 

Be sure to try something new and highlight fantastic flavors with your best Cinco de Mayo beers this upcoming spring and satisfy your palate with delightful drinks to share.


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