Use These Fruit Purees to Brew the Perfect Fruit Ale

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The best of all seasonal beers is easily the winter ale. Sitting around a blazing fire when the weather turns cold while sipping on a hearty beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. There are tons of possibilities for brewing these types of holiday ales, and one of the best ways is by incorporating fresh fruit purees

Fruit ales are the king of winter beers, because they tend to be stronger, hoppier, and more full-bodied with a sweet finish. Due to their strength, they may be hard to drink quickly; they’re meant to be sipped on while keeping your belly full and warm. Below are some of the best fruit purees you can brew to make perfect fruit ales and beers this season.

Blood Orange

Blood oranges have a brilliant color that makes them stand out amongst other fruits. They make a fantastic fruit puree addition to any batch of ale this winter because of their robust and citrus flavor profile. Sure, many people associate oranges with warmer seasons, but this flavor tastes way better during the winter for a couple of reasons.

First, they are at their sweetest during this time of year, which means they are great when eaten on their own or added to other recipes. Second, the citrus flavor pairs well with hazelnut, mint, vanilla, and nutmeg. These are all strong winter spices that would make delicious fruit ales this year, or any year for that matter. Consider using blood orange paired with these spices in your next batch, and you’ll make a unique new beer everyone will love. 


Raspberries have a gorgeous magenta color that can make any fruit ale instantly more pleasing to look at. Their flavor is equally as bright, tart, and refreshingly juicy. But we don’t need to tell you why raspberries are delicious fruits--the critical point here is why fresh raspberry purees make excellent additions to batches of beer.  

There is something extraordinary about sipping on a sweet yet robust holiday ale during the winter months, and raspberry purees can make the perfect ale for precisely that. Their color is festive, and they compliment tons of winter spices and flavors. Consider making a batch with raspberry purees paired with basil, ginger, cinnamon, and even chocolate. You can make a delicious dessert-esque beer or something more bitter if that’s your preference. You can’t go wrong with adding raspberries to any brew. 


You can’t think of the holidays without imagining dancing sugar plums. They symbolize winter and evoke memories of songs about fairies, storybook dreams, and other Christmas-time things. Plum fruit purees make an obvious choice as a fruit ale for the colder seasons, and you’d be surprised by how strong of a flavor profile they can bring to the table.

They have a sweet, tart taste that resembles peaches or other stone fruits. They have a rich purple color that would craft an exciting holiday ale and stand out at any party. Pair your plum-infused beer with hazelnut, honey, vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon to create a fruit ale that will be celebrated and enjoyed all winter long. 


Similar to plums in that they are also a stone fruit, cherries are also a wintertime staple. They are beloved for their bright red color and are often used as decorations during the season. They make the perfect fruit ale, because of their bright red hue for this reason, too. Cherries taste delicious all year round, but especially during the colder months.

That’s why infusing a batch of beer with cherry fruit puree is a great idea this winter. They can make a super sweet batch or a sour holiday ale, depending on your preference. Their flavor can range from mild to bold, so make sure you measure things carefully! Consider pairing your cherry puree with chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, sage, or vanilla to create complex flavor profiles in your beer. It’s hard not to enjoy a sweet cherry-flavored beer when the weather is chilly. 

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Of all the berries, blackberries have the most earthy undertones. But that is not a bad trait to have! Their distinct flavor can make delicious additions when added to other recipes. They tend to be sweet, slightly tart, and have a bitter aftertaste compared to similar fruits. Blackberries are popular around holiday times because of their rich, dark colors, and they complement savory dishes well. 

They’re an incredibly versatile fruit, which is why adding blackberry fruit purees to your fruit ale batches is a novel idea. They go well with dry, hoppy beers and add a festive brightness to the color. You could consider brewing them with floral flavor profiles, like rose or mint, but they also pair well with spices like clove, ginger, and vanilla. Blackberry is an interesting and complex fruit to brew, and you’ll have fun creating new batches! 

Enjoy the Holidays With Fruit Purees

You can’t have a holiday party without enjoying fruit ales too. Become the favorite guest of the night by bringing your holiday ale concoctions filled with fruit purees and exciting flavor pairings. Blood orange is a bright choice, while raspberries and cherries create super sweet and festive-looking drinks. Plums and blackberries are darker choices that can be more interesting to work with because of their complexities. 

Mix and match with any fresh fruit purees by Fierce Fruit. You’ll be surprised by what you come up with when you get creative and think outside the box. All of our products are made with real, sun-ripened fruits. They don’t need to be frozen, and there is zero added sugar. Shop more from Fierce Fruit today!

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