Fierce Fruit Pops at HTX Market!

It was the perfect day to "eat, shop, and do good" at HTX Market on a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was out, and even though it was still a little chilly, people still came out and enjoyed some fruit popsicles! It just comes to show you that one can have popsicles anytime, anywhere. Thank you to those of you who came to our little stand to try our pops!

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We're proud to have been a part of HTX Market, where a portion of each event goes towards their featured non-profit organization. For this particular event, we all supported the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park, a protected landmark of Houston filled with the city's rich history. Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support!

A special shout out to the organizers of HTX Market, who were the best hosts one could ask for. Seriously. They made logistics so easy for us vendors (and we know how complicated these can get!), made personal connections with us, and genuinely took care of the vendors and customers the whole time. They're truly passionate about helping others. We appreciate you HTX team! Big thank you to Jennine, Wendee, Andy, and SeeLun for also coming by to enjoy our popsicles!

fierce fruit guava popsicle htx market    fierce fruit passionfruit popsicle htx market 

fierce fruit acai popsicle htx market    fierce fruit mango popsicle htx market

Interested in attending HTX Market's next event? Contact them through their website, Facebook, or Instagram!


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