Badass Brews: "Tiki Tart" with Lime Puree, Orgeat Syrup, & Chai Tea

B-52 Brewing Co. truly is Too Good To Ignore. Just take a look at this "Staff Inspired Edition": Tiki Tart!

"[This is a] Hoppy Tart Sour IPA conditioned on [Fierce Fruit's] lime puree, orgeat syrup, and chai tea. This insanely tropical beer was inspired by our taproom manager, Cameron."


The B52 brewery opened up 6 years ago as the 5th brewery in Texas. Brewing everything from a clean, german-style pilsner to different fruited sour beers. We visited the brewery recently, and were just in awe of their spacious and beautiful brewery. Imagine a laughter-filled, seven acre outdoor space in a woodland area, with games like ping-pong and horseshoes available to play for kids and adults alike!

The COVID-19 pandemic is hurting a lot of businesses, so please support your local businesses by buying online giftcards, buying brews to-go or through delivery, sharing your purchase on social media to encourage others to do the same, and checking in & writing reviews.

We're all affected by this pandemic one way or another, so if you have the means to, please support your local businesses. That's the only way we'll survive this together.

Purchase and get your B-52 Brewing Co. cans here: B-52 Brewing Menu

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