Pure Fruit Purees: The Best Homebrew Ingredients

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Homebrewing is a craft that allows you to be endlessly creative. Anyone can learn how to make a decent beer in their garage, but adding your own originality and technique into your brew can foster a lifelong passion.

You have the knowledge, you have the drive, you might even have the skill — but you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t have the right homebrew ingredients. Fierce Fruit lets you experiment with exciting, exotic fruit flavors like soursop, pink guava, and naranjilla to create unique flavor profiles.

Dive in and get started with homebrew fruit beer, cider, ale, kombucha, or anything else you can imagine!

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Our Top Homebrew Tips

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Choose Pasteurized, Aseptic Purees

If you’ve been homebrewing for a while, you've probably heard about pasteurized, aseptic purees. Both of these processes are important so that you can get the purest fruit flavor while eliminating bacteria and keeping the fruit shelf-stable.

Don’t risk contaminating your brew. Our number one homebrew tip is to choose pasteurized and aseptic purees. This also means you won’t have to freeze the fruits, and they’ll always be ready to use!

Choose Purees with No Added Sugar

Brewing is a complicated chemical process. Anyone who’s tried (or failed) to homebrew fruit beer knows that! Hundreds of factors can affect the fermentation and flavor of your brew.

Fruit is already naturally sweet. Adding extra sugar to the fruit puree itself can seriously affect your end result, especially when it comes to alcohol content. If you want to be in control of your fermentation process, use homebrew ingredients with no added sugar. For best results, be mindful of when you’re incorporating your puree in the brewing process, as this can affect the color, flavor, aroma, and extraction of sugars.

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Use Natural Flavors

If your homebrew ingredients don’t taste natural, your end result won’t either. No matter how good of a brewer you are, your batch is always going to have the same quality as what you put into it.

Skip out on additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners, and fruit from concentrate. Give your batch the best nature has to offer with 100% pure fruit puree. It makes an enormous difference!

Fierce Fruit Is Here for Homebrewers

Whether your homebrew operation is a frequent hobby, on-again, off-again, or even moving with you from place to place, Fierce Fruit helps all kinds of hobbyists get the best possible homebrew ingredients for all-natural, pure fruit flavor. We know that the average homebrewer doesn’t need huge quantities of fruit puree for their project, which is why we offer small sizes of our delicious, exotic fruit purees. If you’re a registered brewer interested in buying our fruit purees in bulk, we can help with that, too. Head to our wholesale page to learn more, or contact us with any questions!

Eager to see how other homebrewers are using our bold fruit purees? Check out the video below from Hops & Gnarly Brewing Company!

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