Exploring the Benefits of Aseptic Packaging

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Aseptic food processing and packaging is the best way to ensure safety and longevity when shipping liquids (or pharmaceuticals) anywhere. Here at Fierce Fruit, we use it for all of our products, and it’s what gives our purees so many incredible benefits, ensuring freshness, flavor, and high quality. But not everybody knows exactly what it is, so we’re going to break things down and discuss the benefits in more depth!

Benfits of Aseptic Packaging

What Is Aseptic Packaging?

Aseptic food processing is when food and the container it will be shipped in are both sterilized separately, and then the food is put into the container in a completely sterile environment. It typically involves the use of high heat to ensure that bacteria don’t get into the food or the packaging.

For instance, when you buy one of our 4.4 lb purees, the puree itself is pasteurized, the pouch it comes in is sterilized, and then the puree is poured into the pouch in an environment where bacteria can’t go with it. It’s a method of food preservation that is growing in popularity because it not only ensures your food’s safety but also preserves the flavor and nutrients every time.

Safe Purees

Aseptic packaging ensures that your Fierce Fruit purees are 100% safe. Because there is no possibility of pathogens making it into your puree as it’s being packaged, you know for sure that you won’t have to worry about introducing wild yeast or bacteria into your batch.

Unlike whole fruits or other produce, there is zero risk of contracting e-coli or any other illness when consuming our products. With Fierce Fruit, you already know that the purees are 100% natural and made without gluten, dairy, or added sugar. Now you know that they’re without bacteria, too!

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Shelf Stable

A product goes bad when the bacteria in it have gone through enough of it that the flavor changes. Even if there aren’t enough germs in there to make you sick, it’s considered to be expired when the taste is irreparably different.

But no matter how much puree you get, even if you buy it wholesale, aseptic packaging means that it won’t go bad sitting on your shelf. It can stay there up to 18 months without expiring! Because if there aren’t any bacteria in there to begin with, then they can’t consume your 100% natural puree. For maximum freshness, we recommend storing your puree out of the sunlight and below 77°F); with aseptic food processing, the contents will stay fresh.

No Refrigeration Required

Don’t worry about clearing out fridge space for one of our drums of fruit puree. Not only are they shelf-stable for up to 18 months — aseptic packaging means that they also don’t require refrigeration and can still stay fresh during their shelf life. Refrigeration is typically used to slow down bacteria, but when there are no germs in the first place, there’s nothing to slow down.

So get as many different flavors as you’d like and try tons of cool combinations! You’re only limited by your overall storage space, not the size of your refrigerator.

Only Natural Antioxidants

Most packaging requires heavy use of preservatives, anti-caking agents, and other chemicals.  With aseptic packaging, the only thing needed is a tiny bit (less than 1%) of ascorbic acid, which is just Vitamin C. As with any packaged food, there is a risk of oxidation. However, coupled with our advanced triple barrier aseptic packaging, this tiny amount of Vitamin C ensures you get fresh and consistent color and flavor from our purees every time.

In order to keep the packaging bacteria-free, it also has to be air-tight. So we can keep it sterile and unoxidized while still leaving our purees 100% natural, made of fruit and nothing but fruit.

The Purest Flavor

With aseptic packaging, our purees don’t require preservatives or freezing. Without adding anything or changing its physical nature, we get to preserve the flavor to its fullest extent. From regular stone fruits to the most exotic tropicals, you get the true fruit experience with our purees because they’re in their purest form.

Aseptic food processing gives you all the safety with none of the downsides. Between a better flavor and higher safety standards, what more could you ask for when handling fruit puree?

When Safety Is A Priority

Some people absolutely need to know that their food and beverages have been treated so they can eat safely. Whether it’s for someone with allergies or other medical issues, aseptic food processing is the gold standard when it comes to keeping food safe for our most vulnerable.

Anyone with a sensitive system will be happy to know that products made with our fresh fruit purees meet their high standards for safety with aseptic packaging.

Get the Best from Fierce Fruit

We believe in only using the best at Fierce Fruit. All of our fruits are real, sun-ripened, and of the highest quality. And now it’s clear that we use only the best when it comes to packaging and storage as well. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the way we ship and store our fruit purees. Otherwise, shop the collection today with the knowledge that they’re 100% safe and pure!

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