5 Types of Fruit Beer

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Formerly seen as a cover for off-flavors in failed beers, brewing with fruit is now coming into its own. But considering how valuable every line is in your taproom, you don’t want to experiment with combinations that may not work. So here are some basic guidelines for some of the best styles when it comes to fruit beer!

5 Types of Fruit Beer

Cream Ales

Fruit and cream is a classic combination, so it makes sense that one of the best fruit beer types is a good cream ale. The bright, strong flavor of most fruits and berries is mellowed and rounded out by the creaminess of the beer, which makes it the perfect pairing for a strawberry, blueberry, or pink guava puree.

The only fruits that wouldn’t be superb in a cream ale are ones with high acidity. The same way you typically wouldn’t pair lemon or passion fruit with cream, you shouldn’t combine them in beer, either.

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Blonde Ales

Most of these styles are good for brewing with fruit because they have their own strong qualities that pair well with the fruits themselves. But blondes are great for fruit beer because they have a light flavor and hops that aren’t very bitter. You can make all types of fruit beer with a blonde ale because it acts as a conduit for the other flavors.

Try brewing a blonde ale with mango, papaya, or passion fruit puree. Any of these combinations will evoke the summer sun, accentuating the brightness of the blonde itself!

Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are among the most popular types of fruit beer. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a watermelon wheat beer on a hot day? Their inherently light and refreshing taste makes them the perfect choice for brewing with fresh summer fruits!

Blue Moon made serving a wheat beer with a slice of orange a tradition, but you can also brew them with other refreshing fruits. Try a wheat beer with apricot or peach puree for a bold burst of flavor you’re sure to love.


No matter what kind of IPA you prefer, the high bitterness and inherent citrus flavor make it an excellent pairing for fruits with high acidity.

Grapefruit IPAs are a popular type of fruit beer. However, in that family, you can also try tons of other combinations. The strong flavor of our tangerine puree, for instance, stands up well to the more intense notes in an IPA’s hops.


We’ve come full circle from cream ales to stouts. They’re smooth, creamy, and often include chocolate among their tasting notes, which goes well with most fruits.

To get a really good fruit beer, pair your stout with a fruit that has a bold enough flavor to stand up to it, while still being rich enough to meld with the molasses quality. If you’re ready to brew your first fruit stout, we’d recommend starting with acai or a mellowed-out plum puree.

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When it comes to brewing with fruit, the options are endless, and at Fierce Fruit, we offer a variety of purees to get you started. Explore our selection of delicious aseptic purees and create a unique brew that will keep your friends and customers coming back for more.

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