Inside Fierce Fruit: Introducing the Pink Guava

Whole and cut pink guava fruits

You’re probably familiar with guava, but have you heard of pink guava fruit? It is, in fact, a separate variation of the regular types of guava you know and love. They grow on trees and are small, fig-like, and covered in light green skin. The entire fruit is edible and has a slightly floral taste to it, but is also incredibly sweet. 

We’ll discuss all the guava facts you need to know about the exotic pink guava fruit!

What Is Pink Guava?

Pink guava is native to the American tropics and is commonly grown in warm climate areas, like Florida and California. While it’s not the most common fruit out there at the moment, it is gaining popularity as a healthy snack option. It’s super high in antioxidants, as well as potassium and fiber, making it a wonderful choice for a daily treat. 

Like we mentioned earlier, it has a sweet but slightly floral taste. Many people have compared the taste to a cross between a pear and a strawberry. Give it a try for yourself to see if you agree!

Pink guava cut in half

How to Tell When They Are Ripe

When any type of guava ripens, it will go from dark green to a lighter yellow-green color. Choose one that has a yellow hue, and is clear of any bruising, to ensure that you’re eating a perfectly ripe pink guava fruit. You can also tell when it’s ready to be eaten by the way it feels. Ripe pink guava will feel slightly soft when you squeeze it. Additionally, it should smell musky and sweet without having to put your nose right up to it.

How to Eat Guava

Give it a quick rinse under water, and you can dive right in! Every part of the pink guava fruit is edible, including the rind. In fact, the rind has more Vitamin C than an entire orange. You can slice it into wedges to make things neater or share with other people, or you could scoop the insides out like you would with an avocado. 

Some types of guava have tougher seeds that people may find unpleasant to chew, but they are still completely edible. You can easily remove them if they’re not to your liking. 

Pink guava fruit obviously tastes delicious on its own, but you could also consider adding them to smoothies or frozen treats! Instead of hunting down this tropical fruit, try adding our pink guava fruit puree to your recipes. They are made with real fruit, have no added sugar, and you can stash them in your freezer to make cool treats whenever you want.

Endless Options for Bold Flavor

Enjoy pink guava fruit recipes anytime when you buy fresh fruit puree from Fierce Fruit, or keep an eye out in your local grocery store for this exotic treat. Pink guava is bound to be the next big superfruit, so you’ll be staying ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with the most important guava facts now!

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate our pink guava puree into your food or beverage recipes? For homebrewers, the team at Hops & Gnarly Brewing Co. has provided a unique recipe for a fruited sour ale. Check out their video below!

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