Top 9 Fruits for Brewing Hard Seltzer

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Hard seltzers have exploded onto the market in recent years, in part because of their lightly refreshing style, crisp flavor combinations, and because they provide a low-calorie alternative to many other alcoholic beverages. Whether on their own, straight out of the refrigerator on a blisteringly hot summer day, or combined into cocktails and mixers, hard seltzer is a versatile drink that is set to continue to boom in the coming years. 

Brewing hard seltzer can be a slightly complex but nonetheless satisfying process, as you can begin to experiment with new flavor profiles to create divine and refreshing combinations. Fruit seltzers are probably the most popular variety, due to the tangy flavor profile. If you’re new to brewing this kind of drink or even a seasoned pro, we’ve put together a list of some of our top 9 fruits to use when brewing hard seltzer to help you level up your game for your next batch.

1. Tahiti Lime

A classic fruity combo, a lime hard seltzer is a perfect choice for a hot day or when you need an extra tangy kick. Our Tahiti Lime pulp has a deliciously ripe aroma and adds a clean, bright flavor either on its own or when brewing hard seltzer with other fruits. 

Hot Tip: Try blending with pineapple and brewing them together for the ultimate summer cooler, or brew a batch and add it to a margarita for a delicious, low-calorie drink.

2. Strawberry

Soft, crisp, and sweet, strawberries are beautifully versatile fruits that can be a wonderful addition to hard seltzer. Their flavor is bold enough to hold its own, but why not consider combining it with lime or even vanilla to create an unforgettable taste experience? Strawberry puree blended into a hard seltzer smoothie and frozen into ice pop molds can be a delicious way to cool off!

3. Pink Guava

Similar to the strawberry, this well-rounded, vibrant pink fruit has a diverse flavor profile, which makes it perfect for balancing with the fresh taste of a hard seltzer. The pink guava’s taste is akin to a blend of strawberry, grapefruit, and pear. Sweet, with a distinctly light floral note, it’s delicious when blended with other fruits such as lemon to enhance its berry undertones.

4. Cherry

Earthy, bright, and tart, this delicious stone fruit is one of the best flavors for brewing hard seltzer. Pair it with the acidic açai berry for a deliciously tart super-brew that tastes as good as it smells. Tasty and crisp, this is the ideal fruit for those who prefer a tangier fruit seltzer. Cherry is a flavor that plays well with other fruits, so try experimenting with other sour-noted fruits like plum and pineapple to give it an extra boost of tartness.

5. Blood Orange

Aesthetically beautiful and noted for its vibrant red-orange color, blood orange is a wonderfully bright flavor when incorporated into a fruit seltzer. The pulp produced has trademark citrus notes with hints of raspberry and cranberry. Blend with tangerine puree for a citrus punch, use it as a fun alternative to lemon and lime, or pair with aromatics like clove to bring added depth to your hard seltzer smoothie.

6. Mango

Another classic for this list, mango is too good to miss! With a crisp, bold, and naturally sweet flavor, this is a fantastic fruit to start brewing hard seltzer with. Our proprietary blend of natural fruit pulp brings together two complementary kinds of mango for the ultimate tropical flavor. Blend it into a fruit seltzer smoothie for a gluten-free, alcoholic ice pop taste.

7. Cape Gooseberry

Feeling a little experimental? Cape gooseberry is a wonderfully unique fruit seltzer flavor with a diverse array of palate-satisfying notes. It’s got hints of pineapple, apricot, tangerine, and even tomato, so brewing hard seltzer with this Peruvian fruit creates a real depth of flavor. It’s certainly one to try, as its uniqueness has to be tasted to be appreciated.

8. Plum

Fruity, dark, and deep, plum can be a rich and intense addition to a hard seltzer blend. The earthiness of the fruit creates a punchy flavor that’s the ideal thirst-quencher. Fresh and mildly astringent, the plum’s natural aromatic sweetness brings a heavy dose of personality to seltzers and will conjure up familiar tastes of Korean plum teas and deliciously refreshing desserts.

9. Andean Blackberry

Unlike your average blackberry, the Andean Blackberry really packs a punch. The Rubus glaucus, as it’s known botanically, is a member of the rose family grown in Latin America. It’s noted for its sharp astringent sourness, but with a little sweetener, it can create a deeply delicious fruit seltzer reminiscent of raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries for an intense berry kick. Deeply refreshing and a real thirst quencher, this unusual fruit can be blended with sweeter purees like pink guava to give it an extra bite or used alone for a bitterly beautiful brew.

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The Art of Brewing Hard Seltzer

Brewing hard seltzer is a bit of an art form, but experimenting with new flavors is where the magic happens. If you’re eager to give it a try, our range of pasteurized, gluten-free, vegan, and certified Kosher aseptic fruit purees are a great place to start your journey. Get creative and try your own unique fruit seltzer combinations. Whether you’re brewing clear tropical blends or freezing to create delicious hard seltzer smoothie pops, there are so many unique flavors to experiment with!

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