Top 5 Fruits for a Fruited Sour Beer

Fruited sour beer in a tulip glass

There are two camps when it comes to putting fruit into a sour. Some say that you either want soft, sweet, earthy flavors to counterbalance the acidic taste of a sour beer. Others believe that leaning into that sour quality with bright, tangy flavors is the way to go. Either way, you can make some incredible, badass brews by adding any of these five fruits to a sour beer!


A peach cut open to expose its pit

Far on the “counterbalancing” side of the equation, you’ve got peaches. Their flavor is definitely sweet and earthy, which isn’t what you typically think of when it comes to sour beers. However, they’re also known for being crisp and deliciously juicy.

The tang of a sour beer mimics that juicy quality, so when you combine them, it’s almost like drinking a peach picked straight off the branch. But, of course, with alcohol in it!


Acai is also an earthy flavor, and way more soft than tart. But it’s exactly those flavors that can give a fruited sour beer what it would otherwise lack. The richness of acai fills out the sourness, helping the drinker experience the full flavor profile, and complementing the tart quality of a sour without trying to match it.  Keep in mind acai has natural oils in the puree which may need to be filtered out. A sweet fruit, like a banana, also combines great with acai to give a natural and earthy sweetness. 


A bundle of Andean Blackberries

Andean Blackberries are a classic for a fruited sour beer, and with good reason! They’re tart enough to go hand in hand with a regular sour beer, and their incredible potency means there’s no shortage of flavor.  Grown in high altitudes in the South American Andes Mountains, these unique blackberries offer a brand new experience for berry lovers. 

Add a little lactose or marshmallow fluff and the berry flavor really develops, with intense notes of raspberry, blackberry, and cranberry.


This one might seem like the oddest choice on the list, but trust us — it’s awesome! Luscious and smooth, mango gives the drink a sweet and sour flavor profile. It’s the crispness of a mango that allows the tastes to go so well together. If you want to create a beer that reminds drinkers of lounging on a tropical beach on vacation, this is the fruited sour beer to brew!


A bowl of raspberries

Raspberries are where the two “camps” mentioned above come together. Similar to blackberries in their tang and potency, but reminiscent of softer fruits in their sweetness, they blend all worlds together. Putting raspberries in your sour beer creates a brew that is slightly fuller-bodied, deeply flavorful, but still embraces everything that makes a sour great.

Drinkable, crushable, and crisp, there are absolutely no downsides to putting raspberries into your fruited sour beer.

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Sour beers aren’t the average beer drinker’s go-to brew, but they’re flavorful, accessible, and just plain fun! And with all of the possibilities for experimentation, you can create extraordinary beers using just a couple of great fruits. If you want to make beers that stand out and are worth drinking on their own, Fierce Fruit has got you covered. Explore our selection of incredible fruit purees today!

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