Fruit Puree Desserts Bursting With Flavor

When it comes to making desserts, there’s no better addition than fresh fruit purees. We love to add fresh fruit flavors to nearly all of our favorite recipes. 

Fierce Fruit has put together an amazing selection of fruits that complement a wide selection of culinary creations. From craft beers to cocktails to desserts and more, our aseptic fruit purees are all natural blends that are produced from fruits that are harvested at their peak of ripeness.

Fruit puree cakes, fruit puree ice creams, fruit sorbets, and fruit gelato are some of our favorites. Read more about our top desserts that include fruit purees:

1. Fresh Fruit Parfaits

A great snack and dessert classic, a layered parfait is an easy treat that can be customized with a range of different ingredients to make lunches and snacks fun and interesting. 

Granola, fresh fruits, amazing fruit purees, whipped cream, fruits, candies, and more are great additions for your layered treats. 

Some of our favorite fruit additions for purees are strawberry, blueberry, cape gooseberry, and raspberry.  

Multiple fruit layers interspersed with yogurt, granola, fresh fruits, or candies are wonderful pre-made or made to eat.  We like to let the flavors blend for a few hours prior to eating. 

Strawberry and cream layered cake with graham cracker crust

2. Scrumptious Creative Cakes

Try using fruit puree in your next cake recipe to create an amazing and memorable flavor combination. You will be sure to make a very moist cake with fruit purees that are smooth and meld perfectly with cake batter. 

If you want to make the best vegan cakes try using a cake recipe that substitutes eggs with aseptic fruit purees. The fruit flavors that you choose should complement the cake flavor as well.  Mixing spices and fruits like banana, passion fruit, cherry, and pineapple are great.

You can layer cake and fruit purees as well for delicious flavor combinations. Chocolate cake with strawberry or mango puree is a tried and true favorite, and vanilla or almond cake mix well with a wide variety of fruit puree flavors.

3. Delectable Fruit Sorbets 

For a tantalizing treat, try a delectable sorbet. These smooth and refreshing treats are sure to make any day more enjoyable, especially a hot summer’s afternoon. 

Sorbets and fruit ices made with 100% natural fruits are a great way to end a meal or make a great afternoon snack. Simply freeze fruit purees after adding spices or whole fruits as the recipe calls for.  

Flavors for fruit sorbets are plentiful and we especially love exotic flavors like mango, papaya, and guava along with more traditional berry and citrus flavors.  

Sorbets make for wonderful palate cleansers as well as desserts. 

4. Delicious Fruit Puree Tarts

We love fresh tarts that are made with fruit purees. Bright fruit flavors like berries, naranjillo, lemon, and Andean blackberry are some of our favorite fruit puree flavors. 

A smart crust made of butter, sugar, flour, and salt complements the fruit. 

Create raspberry curd by adding amounts of sugar and lemon juice in keeping with your favorite recipes for fruit purees. Other fruits such as lime and passion fruit can also be used to create memorable and delicious tarts.

Cup of layered strawberry yogurt parfait

5. Sweet and Tasty Fruit Puree Ice Creams and Gelatos

One of the favorite desserts for people of every age is ice cream. If you happen to enjoy making ice cream and gelato and have access to an ice cream maker, you can produce amazing ice cream and fruit gelato flavors using our purees! Some great flavors to try are mango, passion fruit, peach, blueberry, acai, strawberry, coconut and many more! 

A simple recipe is to combine sugar, sweetener, vanilla, and a pinch of salt and then add in your favorite fruit purees to your favorite ice cream custard base before churning to create fantastic ice cream and fruit gelato flavors using your favorite fruit purees. 

6. Creative Dessert Pizza

When you want to make a special dessert for a crowd or a special occasion, try a dessert pizza. Use delicious fruit purees for the pizza sauce. Cookie dough or pie crust form a lovely base, then add in the fruit puree sauce and a layer of cream cheese. 

Layer with additional fruits and add in herbs to complement the fruits like mint.  You can use a wide variety of fruit flavors that include raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, andean blackberry, or plum.

7. Amazing Fruit Puree Yogurt

Flavored yogurt gets an upgrade when you add in fresh fruit purees. Not only can you customize your desserts, you can take yogurt mixed with fruit purees and make it wonderful for breakfast or snacktime. 

We love fruits that are sweet and bold like papaya, strawberry, pink guava, raspberry, andean blackberry, lemon, and more! 

Summer Desserts

When you want to eat a wonderful dessert, try a fruit puree. They can brighten up almost any dish. Fruit purees can bring a host of exotic, sun-ripened, all natural flavors to your table. If you want to create new dishes for your family or friends or even for home or commercial use, try aseptic fresh fruit purees. 

When you have a great recipe, you can create the best dishes with fruit purees. Bring exotic fruits to your table with Fierce Fruit’s offerings of exotic, exciting flavors. Try some of your favorite recipes including fruit sorbets, fruit gelato, fruit puree cakes, and more!

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