Craft Beer Trends That Pair Perfectly with Fierce Fruit Purees

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Fruit has been a staple ingredient in European beer for hundreds of years, but it was not as popular in the United States. That is until now, at least. Thankfully, the trend to add delicious fruit flavors to batches of beer is primarily due to the uptick in new craft beer styles and companies. Everyone is eager to create the tastiest and most unique beers possible. Because of that, you can find fruit incorporated in all different kinds of beers these days, not just super trendy IPAs from expensive brewers. 

Adding fresh fruit purees is not a beer trend that is bound to die out any time soon, so you might as well give it a try for yourself. Fruit can elevate your brews to unique and delicious levels. You can pair these fruits with different spices to create incredible new flavor combinations.

We'll discuss the popular craft beers that pair perfectly with different fierce fruit purees to create delicious and unique brews. 

Smoothie Beers

Smoothie beers, also known as push pops or sundaes, are the newest beer trend to hit the market. They are beers filled with sweet fruits, like strawberry or blood orange, and have the thickness of a smoothie. The two main features of the smoothie style beers are the mouthfeel and the super fruity flavor.

As we mentioned, the mouthfeel is thick, so this is not necessarily a light beer that you would want to sip on all day. It can taste refreshing though, thanks to all the fruit that's been incorporated.

Following these beer trends there are a couple of ways you can add fresh fruit purees to your batches. The simplest way is by adding the fruit to the finished beer product. This is a great way to maximize the fruity flavors but can lead to a couple of issues. Adding all the fruit sugars to the beer mix can cause refermentation when packaged in bottles and kegs. It's only a matter of time before all that pressure building in your beer explodes due to over-carbonation. This is a significant danger, and you should keep this in mind before brewing smoothing beers this way.

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Beer Ice Cream & Slushies

Beer ice cream and slushies are similar to beer smoothies in their thick textures but slightly different in appearance. These other craft beer styles may seem a little gimmicky, but they are picking up steam quickly and could be here to stay for a long time.

Consider fusing your fresh fruit puree beer smoothies with some soft serve to turn it into delicious beer ice cream for possibly one of the best beer trends! You can add flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or cinnamon to create super sweet brews. Any of our fresh fruit purees from Fierce Fruit would make excellent beer ice creams, so start experimenting!

Beer slushies are similar to their smoothie and ice cream counterparts, with the only difference being they are made after the beer is brewed. You can easily make your beer slushies by freezing lower alcohol brews and adding fresh fruit purees to the ice afterward. These sweet treats aren't just good for the summer-- they're refreshing and tasty all year long.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

A huge beer trend right now is making delicious brews that are non-alcoholic. Craft beer companies notice customers who want to enjoy tasty drinks without becoming intoxicated or feeling hungover the next day. In the past, people assumed the best part of beer was the flavor addition due to alcohol. Alcohol indeed provides a big part of any brew's taste because of fermentation, so there were few great options on the market for a while.

People simply were not experimenting with this kind of drink, because they didn't think they could recreate beer's flavor without alcohol. Thanks to new technology in fermentation, this is a craft beer style that is finally getting the recognition and respect it deserves. 

You can create delicious non-alcoholic beers by messing around with different fresh fruit purees. When you make tasty beer sans alcohol, you're opening up your microbrewery to a whole new market of possibilities. Being inclusive to people who don't drink alcohol but enjoy experimenting the tastes of delicious beer trends could be a massive opportunity for you.

Hard Seltzer

Did you know under federal regulations that hard seltzer is technically considered beer? You might as well follow this definition and start brewing your hard seltzers with fresh fruit purees. You can incorporate tons of different flavors, like blueberry, cherry, or lime. You could even combine all three to create a new and distinctive flavor! 

Hard seltzers are a prevalent beer trend at the moment, so you should hop on board with it. They have way less sugar and carbs than regularly brewed beer, because they are fermented in sugar cane water instead of sugar pulled from grains.

This is a tasty, low-calorie craft beer style that you should try out for yourself!

Experiment Today

The best part of fresh fruit purees from Fierce Fruit is that there are tons of different fruits that you can experiment with. We package our fruit in aseptic, pasteurized containers which guarantee no bacterial growth will occur. Our fruit is 100% all-natural and doesn't need to be kept frozen. There is also zero added sugar-- you're getting genuine, sun-ripened fruit and only that. 

Shop for all of our fresh fruit purees to start creating delicious batches of these beer trends today!


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