Our Top 10 Gifts for Homebrewers

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People start homebrewing for lots of different reasons, but let’s face it —brewing your own beer is just a really cool hobby. Sure, visiting breweries and trying all the niche craft beers on the market is fun, but there is no greater thrill than producing your own, uniquely flavored brew.  

Buying gifts for homebrewers can be difficult, though. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, chances are you have no clue what they will need or what they want. Instead of playing the guessing game, we’ve compiled a list of 10 gifts that we know any homebrewer will love (and appreciate) no matter when you’re giving it to them. 

Below are our top 10 beer brewing gifts:

1. Berry Purees

Get your beer-loving friends the gift of experimentation! Brewing with berry purees will open up an entirely new world of flavor possibilities. Berry-infused beers taste great during any season, and you’re bound to impress your loved one by choosing such a high-quality option. These berry purees are made with 100% natural fruit and have no added sugar. The tart and refreshing taste that berries add to a brew will make a fantastic gift for homebrewers. 

2. Tropical Fruit Purees

One of the hottest trends in homebrewing at the moment is incorporating tropical fruits into beer and running into wild new directions. Ever had a papaya-flavored beer? What about pink guava? Your beer-loving friend probably hasn’t either, but we’re sure they’d jump at the opportunity to begin making some! Any of these tropical fruit purees would make an exciting gift for homebrewers. They’re fresh, exotic, and free of GMOs.

3. Citrus Fruit Purees

Citrus flavors and fruits have long been associated with summertime ales, German-inspired sour beers, or Belgian hops, but they’re gaining mainstream popularity. Walk into any craft beer store or bar and you’re bound to find a couple of interesting year-round citrus options. If your friend is a fan of these zesty fruits, our citrus fruit purees would make the perfect gift for homebrewers. There are traditional options, like orange and lemon, as well as more exotic options, like blood orange and tangerine.

4. Stone Fruit Purees

If you want to choose a unique beer brewing gift, you can’t go wrong with one of these stone fruit purees. People usually think of citrus beers when they think of summertime ales, but brewing with cherry, peach, or plum puree can elevate a batch to a whole new level. These purees would make a great gift for homebrewers because of the exciting new flavor options they present!

Fresh sliced fruits

5. Label Machine

Once you’ve given your loved ones the gift of exciting fruit purees to brew with, you could also consider adding a custom label maker. Brewing your own beer is fun, but creating separate labels for each batch is a whole new level of fun in itself. A custom label will inspire your friend to create many exotic and interesting flavors, so they can utilize these fun machines. It’s truly the perfect gift for homebrewers.

6. Bottle Caps

You can’t go wrong by purchasing a bunch of bottle caps as a beer brewing gift. There are colorful caps available in a variety of styles, and even custom options if you want to get real fancy. Bulk quantities of bottle caps aren’t very expensive, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great choice as a gift for homebrewers.

7. Homebrewing Books

Books are a great gift for homebrewers because they’re probably not something that they would typically buy for themselves. Look for one that covers the complete history of beer, or a coffee table book that has beautiful pictures. You know your friend best, so as long as you choose something you know that they’re interested in, they’re bound to feel loved and appreciated by your beer brewing gift. 

8. Hangover Gift Basket

This gift is more of a considerate after-thought, but will be appreciated nonetheless! If your friend loves beer and homebrewing, chances are they’ve experienced the not-so-fun effects of a hangover after a night of taste-testing different batches. Giving them a basket filled with things to help with headaches, nausea, or fatigue can be a very practical gift for homebrewers

9. Beer Glasses

You can technically drink beer out of anything, but it’s not very classy to only have water glasses or coffee mugs around. A set of beautiful, high-quality beer glasses will definitely be appreciated by any homebrewer. Sipping on your own batch of unique, fruit-infused beer out of an elegant beer glass will make everything taste a million times better. 

10. Neon Sign

If your friend has been homebrewing for a while, chances are they have all the tools they need to keep things running smoothly. Instead of guessing about what they may need, give them a fun present instead — like a custom neon sign. You could do their name or whatever they call their home brewery. Whatever words you decide on, a neon sign will surely be enjoyed and makes a super unique gift for homebrewers.

Drink Up!

Fruit purees are some of the best gifts for homebrewers because they can actually use them in their batches, but if you want to add a little something extra, we’re hoping our list has provided plenty of options to choose from. All in all, any of these beer brewing gifts would be greatly appreciated by your beer-loving friends. Start your holiday shopping now!

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