Inside Fierce Fruit: Introducing the Curuba (Banana Passion Fruit)

Welcome to Inside Fierce Fruit, where we give you an inside look into the fruits that we later turn into our wonderful purees & popsicles! 🍉🍓🍅🥭🍍

In this blog post, we'll be introducing you to the Curuba, also known as the Banana Passion Fruit. It's a cousin of the Maracuya, which we introduced in our previous blog post. Watch our video below:


The Curuba has a really wonderful aroma, and is quite sour when you taste it. Some say it tastes like a hybrid of passion fruit and peaches! We recommend adding a little cane sugar or honey to this. 


They're a great source of the ABC vitamins, calcium, and iron.

Our Favorite Way to Eat It


  1.  Scoop out the seeds (with the pulp)
  2. Put it in a blender (on low!) with a little sugar & a milk product of your choice
  3. Strain out the seeds when you're done.
  4. And voilà! Your juice will come out a beautiful light pink color.


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