10 Delicious Mango Puree Drinks You Should Try

mango puree cocktail

Mangoes are among the most popular tropical fruits for everyday fruit blends, desserts, and healthy fruit mixes. If you're a craft beer enthusiast keen on trying out different types of fruit-infused beers, you'll definitely want to try out different home-brewing ideas with mango puree. Here are some mango puree cocktails you should try at home. Your guests will love your creativity.

1. Mango Pale Ale

If mango is your flavor of choice, but you still want to experience the traditional beer taste, look no further than this mango puree-infused brew. With subtle malt and hops notes, this beer strikes the perfect balance between fruity and malty. This mango puree recipe provides a sweet mango aroma for your drinks, and is great for enjoying anytime with family and friends - whether it's an afternoon of grilling or an evening gathering around a campfire. Add some lime juice for an extra twist to really tantalize your taste buds.

2. Mango Sour

When you use your mango puree for a drink like this, you get a brew that’s truly something special. Bursting with mango puree and a touch of citrusy hops, it offers an incredibly tart and sweet blend of flavors that will add a colorful kick to any laid-back moment. It is incredibly refreshing on its own, and mango slices and mint leaves can be added to the drink to create an even more zingy experience. Plus, it's low enough in alcohol content to be enjoyed multiple times throughout the night – so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

3. Mojito & Mango Gose

If you’re wanting a mango puree recipe for a fun twist on an old favorite drink, try making a gose. This mojito-style drink combines fresh mint leaves, lime juice, and sweet mango puree. The mango adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the mixture, while the lime and mint add a refreshing and unique tartness that helps to balance out the flavors in this delicious concoction. Add some crushed ice to get that perfect finishing touch on this drink.

4. Spiced Mango Lager

Spice up your lager game by adding exotic flavors like cinnamon or cardamom and ripe mango puree for a fruity kick in your drink. The combination creates an interesting depth of flavor that will definitely please even the pickiest drinkers in your group. Spiced Mango Lager is the ultimate fusion beer, combining the lightness of a lager with the complex notes of spices and mango.

5. Mango IPA

If you want a unique craft beer for a special occasion, this Mango IPA is your best bet. It includes a combination of the best tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango puree, for a drink that’s unforgettably fruity. What you get is a distinct flavor and unmistakable mango sweetness combined with the subtle bitterness of hops in the IPA beer. Enjoy this mango puree drink during outdoor barbeques and backyard parties.

6. Mango Blonde Ale

If you're looking for a mango puree recipe that adds a unique twist to the classic blonde ale, then look no further. This mango puree-infused blonde ale has all the hallmarks of a great craft beer — light body, golden color, and subtle fruit notes — but with an added bonus. The mango puree adds a smooth, creamy texture to your drink, making it ideal for any relaxed event. This is the perfect mango puree recipe for anyone who wants to keep their drinks simple and delicious.

7. Mango Saison

For craft brewers who like their beers on the funkier side, this Saison combines traditional Belgian yeast strains with subtle notes of spiciness and tartness from the addition of mango puree. It's perfect as an accompaniment to grilled foods or spicy dishes. You can make it even more interesting by adding some orange and lime juice to the mango puree for a more citrusy flavor in your drink.

8. Coconut & Mango Stout

This unique stout is brewed with coconut flakes and infused with sweet mango puree for aromas reminiscent of summertime cocktails by the beach. It's worth trying if you want to switch things up from your usual dark beer routine. It's a great option for those experimenting with new beer styles.

9. Habanero & Mango Porter

Looking for a unique mix? Try infusing your favorite porter recipe with habanero peppers and sweet mangos for an intense flavor experience. This unique mango puree cocktail has a lightly smoky flavor complemented by the subtle sweetness of the mango. This mango puree drink will become your go-to beverage for special afternoons and hangout nights with friends.

10. Mango Wheat Beer

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If you're looking to create a craft beer that's practically designed with summer in mind, try this light and refreshing wheat beer. Its classic flavors mixed with mango puree make it the perfect drink to beat the heat. Sip it on its own, or if you're feeling adventurous, add a tasty spin to it by adding some fresh orange or lime juice. This mango puree cocktail is more than just a thirst quencher - pair this fruity beer with lighter dishes or desserts to elevate your mealtime experience.

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You can use mango puree for your drinks in numerous ways without much effort. Choose one or two of your favorite beers and start your home brewing hobby. These ten recipes will give you the inspiration you need to get started with your craft brewing journey. Ready to get started?

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