Top 8 Uses for Aseptic Fruit Purees

Making fruit flavors easier to incorporate into your best recipes is our pleasure here at Fierce Fruit. Our all-natural, aseptic fruit purees are sourced at the peak of their prime, sun-ripened harvest time by our partner farmers. 

Trust our aseptic fruit purees are the finest you will find on the market. When it comes to bringing the best fruit purees to your restaurant or table, Fierce Fruit has flavors to complement all tastes.

Let’s run-down our top 8 recipes for aseptic fruit purees

1. Exotic Fruit Leathers

Make snack time more fun with exotic fruit purees when you make fruit leather. Kids of all ages will grab these fun handheld treats. 

Any of our fruits can become great fruit leathers, some of our favorites are mango, cape gooseberry, cherry, lulo, and pineapple.  

Select your favorite fruit flavors, add any spices or additional flavors, and dry the purees in a foil lined baking pan in the oven. Cook at a low temperature for 8 to 12 hours. Keep your fruit leathers moist by cutting strips and wrapping them with plastic wrap. 

Five craft beers on a table with containers of nuts

2. Amazing Fruited Beers

Some of the best beers on the market are flavored with fruit purees. Whether you are a commercial or home brewer, expand your beer selection by utilizing amazing fruits in your recipes. 

Our favorite combinations are sour beers flavored with passion fruit and cherry stouts and pale ales with hints of orange and mango. 

Try something new or elevate some of your favorite flavors with our bold, sun-ripened aseptic fruit flavors

3. Delicious Fruit Puree Cakes

Fruit puree cakes of all kinds are delicious. Retain all the moisture and add in robust or delicate flavors with fruit purees added to your cake batter. 

There are a wide assortment of cake batter recipes that utilize aseptic fruit purees as a substitute for eggs. Decide what fruit flavor you’d like to use — some of our favorites are strawberry, banana, passion fruit, cherry, and peach

Most recipes call for additions of cake flour, leavening agents, salt, eggs, and vegetable oil. Vegan cakes can be easily made with recipes for aseptic fruit purees that include the removal of the eggs and a slight increase in the proportion of vegetable oil and fruit puree. 

4. Memorable Fruit Puree Cocktails

Summer is champagne season and what better way to elevate a brunch menu than with a delectable signature mimosa or bellini. 

Use our aseptic fruit purees to create an array of memorable drinks that can highlight any special occasion.  

We love strawberry margaritas, blueberry ramblers, and mango daiquiris. Find your favorite fruity cocktail recipes and make them over with fruit purees.

5. Scrumptious Fruit Puree Tarts

A beautiful and bright purple raspberry tart is sure to brighten anyone’s day. A crust made of butter, sugar, flour, and salt complements the tangy fruit

Create raspberry curd by adding amounts of sugar and lemon juice in keeping with your favorite recipes for fruit purees. Other fruits, such as lemon and lime, can also be added to create memorable and delicious tarts.

Single serving lemon tart topped with cream and chocolate

6. Crafty Fruity Cheesecakes

Create memorable cheesecakes by adding in your favorite fruit flavors. We love common flavors like blueberry and strawberry and exotic flavors like feijoa (pronounced fay-zhow-uh). 

Add fruit purees to the cream cheese mixture and flavor accordingly or layer plain cheesecake with fruited cakes for another delicious fruit puree cake idea.

7. Fabulous Fruit Puree Ice Cream

Ice cream is better with fruit purees! Create amazing ice cream flavors using your favorite fruit flavors. Choose from a range of our favorites including peach, coconut, acai, strawberry, mango and many more! 

Simply add sugar or another sweetener, vanilla, and a pinch of salt and then combine to your favorite ice cream custard base before churning to create fantastic recipes for fruit purees

8. Fantastic Fruit Puree Yogurt

Create special yogurts that exclude ingredients such as sugar or milk products. Customize your recipes to include what ingredients make you happy.

Honey sweetened yogurt with the addition of fruits of your choice will make for delicious and healthy snacks for home, work, or commercial sale

Some of our favorite aseptic fruits to add to yogurt are papaya, pink guava, andean blackberry, and more!

Yogurt parfait with multiple layers of fruit puree topped with fresh fruits

Fruit purees can bring a host of exotic, sun-ripened, all natural flavors to your table. No matter the menu, your creativity will define the limitless creations you can put together with aseptic fruit purees.

Bring exotic fruits to your table with Fierce Fruit’s offerings of special, vibrant flavors!

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