About Us

A message from the founder…

Living in Colombia, I remember thinking that all the food had a real, full flavor.  The eggs, the potatoes, the coffee, and in particular, THE FRUIT. Wow. The fresh, exotic, delicious fruit. It’s not easy to find fresh-tasting fruit products, and you see so many “natural flavors” which taste nothing like the real fruit. And for businesses, how often do you see NEW fruits that are affordable and available in industrial quantities? My husband and I dreamed for everyone to be able to try every fruit, no matter where in the world they are. And well, as you all know, dreams don't come true unless you work for it. So we did.

We met with farmers, visited incredible fertile valleys in the Andes Mountains, and built relationships with processing plants that meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability.  All of this to develop a supply chain of sun-ripened, never frozen fruit purées for your specialty products.  

My hope is that when your customer tastes your product, they say out loud, “Wow. It’s like biting into a fresh mango.”  And if you’d like to try some of our more exotic fruits, we’re here to help with your recipes and ensure your customers can taste the fierce fruit flavor.   

I love connecting with customers, collaborating on recipes, and figuring out flavors for your products. Reach me directly by filling out our Contact Us form.

Fiercely Yours,
Dana Matl
fierce fruit founders family