Top 5 Fruit Pairings for Sour Beers

Sour beers used to be an acquired taste, but quickly increased in popularity. They may be a relatively modern trend, but the flavors that make your beer sour are layered in history. Today we enjoy sour beers brewed with fruit, spices, and diverse yeasts, but what flavors pair best with these complex tastes?

Fruit pairings are a great way to elevate the flavor of a beer, and are very popular additions to sour beers. The tartness of sours can be off-putting to some palates, but pairing them with fruit can make them more approachable and enjoyable to a wider audience. Here are some recommended fruits to pair with your own sour beers.

1. Grapefruit

Sliced grapefruit on a wooden board

The citrus fruit's distinctive flavor cuts through any lingering sweetness in the beer and leaves you with a dry finish. Grapefruit is a great pairing for sour beers because it brings out a distinctive tartness without overpowering the brew. It also has plenty of sweetness and just the right touch of bitterness to help balance the sour flavors in the beer. 

2. Grapes

Person holding grapes

The tartness of the beer and the sweet, juicy flavor of grapes, as well as the floral notes in both, complement each other nicely, as do most juicy fruits and sour beers. Grapes are an especially good pairing because they have a similar flavor profile to sour beers: they're sweet, but with a bit of acidity which helps mellow out some of the sourness found in sour beers. They also have a strong enough flavor that you don't need much to make an impact on the overall beer.

3. Oranges

Orange slices with a yellow background

Sour beers tend to be on the dry side, so adding some sweetness is often recommended as well. Orange is a classic pairing for a good reason. It's sweet, but not too sweet with its hint of bitterness. It's also got some natural acidity, so it cuts through the rich flavor of the sour beer. Since oranges have a sweet, citrusy note that can bring out the more floral aspects of the beer, like orange blossom, lemon, or lime, they make a good choice for your sour beer pairing.

4. Peaches

Bowl of peaches on white background

Peach is not just for summer sippers. The combination of the tartness of a sour beer with the sweetness of a peach is a match made in heaven. The acidity of the sour beer cuts through the sweetness of the peach and creates a balance that makes for an incredibly smooth-tasting experience. The aroma and flavor of fresh peaches will cut through some of the funkier yeast esters in your beer which makes them a great pairing for sour beers.

5. Pears

Row of pears on a wooden table

If you're looking for a pairing that's less sweet, but still has a little bit of fruitiness, pears are a great choice. Sour beers and pears go together like peanut butter and jelly. The contrasting flavors of the two make a great combination. Pears have a nice, crisp flavor that is sweet but mellow enough to pair well with the sourness of a beer. A versatile option, pears, with their subtle sweetness, go particularly well with beers with more earthy notes, making for a balanced pairing that will bring out both flavors without overwhelming either one.

Pairing Fruits with Sour Beers

Each flavor profile is unique, with subtle nuances that you may never have encountered before. Ultimately, the best-tasting fruits for sours will depend on the flavor profile of your beer. Make sure to think about what flavors you're getting from the beer itself and find a fruit that can help blend those flavors into something new and exciting.

Many sour beers allow a strong connection to the fruit that is used to create them. They are often bracingly tart and dry, but they can also be rich and complex. With the right fruit pairing, you can elevate the beer’s flavor beyond your imagination.

What's your favorite fruit beer? What makes it so special—the underlying sour? The incredible fruit flavor? Or is it the kind of drink anyone can love, whether they're a craft beer aficionado or not? Whatever your preferences, we hope you've learned a little bit more about what options you have when pairing fruits and sour beers together.

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