Our Top 10 Tips for Baking with Fruit Puree

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Incorporating fresh fruit into your baked goods is a wonderful way to expand your flavors and create delicious new treats. Having access to an abundance of fresh fruit isn't always the easiest thing or the most economical. That's why most bakeries utilize baking with fruit purees instead. Like ours from Fierce Fruit, fresh fruit purees are 100% all-natural and don't need to be kept frozen. You can buy various fruits in bulk and store them in your pantry whenever you want to cook with them.

Baking with fruit purees can significantly enhance the flavor combinations of regular baked goods, and they can also be a healthy alternative to cooking ingredients like oils or sugars. Overall, using pureed fruit for baking can add moisture to your treats and make them more nutritious to eat. That means you're safe to enjoy more without feeling guilty!

Fruit purees can help bake a wide range of things. We'll discuss the best tips, so you can start experimenting with your recipes today!

1. Use Them as a Sugar Substitute

One of the best ways to use fruit purees is by substituting parts of your sugar amounts with fruit instead. The natural sugar in fruit, called fructose, can make cakes or other baked goods taste equally as sweet as if you were using regular sugar. Fruits like banana or strawberry can make delicious additions to treats with half the calories. 

Baking with fruit purees is the healthier alternative that you and your customers will love.

2. Buy in Bulk and Store Them

The best part of buying fruit puree is that you can stock up on tons of different fruits. The annoying part of cooking with fresh fruit is that you have a tiny window of freshness before it goes bad. If you buy a lot and don't use it all in time, you could be wasting tons of money. Additionally, finding tropical fruits in season can be nearly impossible, depending on where you live.

That's why baking with fruit purees is the best option. You can buy tons of different fruits in bulk, store them in a pantry, and have access to various flavors to bake with. It's the best option for any baker out there who wants to start making unique baked goods!

3. Replace Oil or Butter

Similar to acting as a sugar substitute, you can use fresh fruit purees in place of oil or butter. When using fruit for baking, don't remove oils and butter entirely--some recipes need them to bake correctly. But consider cutting the oil in half by using fruit purees for the other half instead. This can be a great way to cut down on calories and make a healthier treat for you to enjoy. 

4. Dress Your Cakes

There are tons of different ways to bake with fruit purees in the kitchen. Adding some as a stand-in for sugar or oil and butter is a great way to enhance flavor and make things healthier, but you don't need to stop there. Consider dressing your cakes and desserts in icings infused with fresh purees like strawberry, lemon, or cherry

You can create unique icings for your baked goods! Using fresh fruit purees in your recipes is a great baking tip for beginners or experts alike. 

5. Add Interesting Aromas and Colors

Fresh fruit purees add complex flavors to any baked good they're used in, but you can also utilize them to create bright colors and exciting aromas. Consider using fruits like mango, passion fruit, or pink guava in your recipes to make unique treats. These are more tropical fruits that don't tend to get used in traditional baked good recipes, but they absolutely should.

Mess around with the colors of your pureed fruit for baking, and you'll end up with some visually stunning works of art.

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6. Use Them in Ice Cream

Ever tasted a baked good combined with ice cream? There is nothing like biting into a warm pastry topped with cold and melted ice cream. It's truly a decadent combination. Consider upping your ice cream and pastry game by infusing your cold treats with fresh fruit purees. Baking with fruit purees doesn't have to stop with the addition of warm recipes! You can add these purees to cold desserts, too.

7. Run it through a strainer

Our fresh fruit purees are made with 100% all-natural fruits that have been sun-ripened. That means there could be a few chunks of natural fruit floating around. If those chunks don't work with your recipes for some reason, don't hesitate to use a filter to smooth things out!

This is a great baking tip for beginners, in general. Strainers are great tools for making your ingredients mix more evenly. Strain your fresh fruit purees while baking to ensure your recipes turn out with an even flavor and color!

8. Make Mousse

Similar to our ice cream suggestion, you are not limited to only adding fruit purees to warm baked goods! You can use these purees in a variety of different dessert recipes--the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Consider adding raspberry or lemon purees to a mousse recipe to create brand new desserts. 

Fruit purees make any dessert instantly more delicious, fresh, and sweet. You can't go wrong adding them to traditional recipes!

9. Use them on their own

Baking with fruit purees is a fun way to make new and exciting recipes, but you can also use these purees on their own. You can add them to anything you want, including drinks, or turn them into a jam. They are excellent to bake within any capacity. Try out different recipes using fruit purees as replacements for other ingredients, and you may discover the next best thing!

10. Experiment with them

This leads us to our final tip. Experiment with them! Baking with fruit purees can be an exciting way to discover new recipes or breathe new life into traditional baked goods. The best way to create delicious treats is by mixing and matching the flavor combinations until you find the best ones. Add these purees into as many different recipes as you want. You may stumble upon something magical and tasty!


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