Coconut Sauces, Beers & Dessert Ideas: 5 Ways to Incorporate Coconut in Your Culinary Dishes & Beverages

A coconut on a beach

From exotic curry coconut sauces to decadent coconut desserts, coconut offers a distinctive flavor that’s surprisingly versatile, too. It’s an essential ingredient in many dishes and drinks—piña coladas, for example—but you can really get creative with it. For example, brewing with coconut can lead to many different flavors, from dark and complex to light and airy.

Whether you’re a business owner brainstorming product ideas or an individual looking to explore new flavors at home, we’re here to recommend 5 coconut-centric ideas that’ll make your taste buds go coco-nuts! 

What Is the Flavor Profile of Coconut?

The flavor profile of coconut is mildly sweet, milky, tropical fruit. There are slight notes of nuts, wood, and butter.

1. Thai Coconut Sauces and Soups

A Thai coconut soup

Coconuts make a wonderful base for all sorts of sauces and soups—sweet, savory, spicy, and more! The rich, creamy texture and mild taste give you a great blank canvas on which to paint your flavors in all sorts of cooking applications. 

Coconut is especially popular in Thai cuisine. For example, you could use coconut puree to make an incredible massaman curry or peanut sauce. Or, you could make a mouthwatering broth with lemongrass, ginger, fresh basil, and lime—just add rice noodles and protein for a hearty soup that’ll keep customers coming back for more. 

One benefit of coconut sauces and dishes is that they can be dairy-free/vegan, but you wouldn’t notice! Coconut fruit puree can be used instead of milk and other dairy products to provide rich creaminess.

2. Coconut Beers

A glass of beer on a beach

Brewing with coconut opens up some exciting flavor possibilities for homebrewers and commercial breweries alike. 

You could make a dark, robust chocolate porter with coconut fruit puree and toasted coconut flakes, or you could go in the opposite direction with a light, summer-ready cream ale with a hint of lime puree. Similarly, you could make a rich, sweet milk stout with coconut fruit puree and caramel malt, or pair coconut with other exotic, tropical fruits, like mango puree and passion fruit puree, in a hazy IPA. 

Whether you want to add notes of nuts and wood or complement the fruity side of your brew, coconut might just be the secret ingredient you’ve been seeking. Just like with coconut sauces, your choice of contextual ingredients can take your concoctions in many different directions.

3. Coconut Cocktail Mixers

A woman holding a pina colada on a beach

Coconut fruit puree makes a fantastic base as a cocktail mixer, especially for the beloved piña colada. Having ready-to-serve, real fruit purees will streamline operations at your bar or restaurant. Besides the classic piña colada, you could make creamy coconut margaritas, coconut mojitos, coconut mimosas, and even coconut martinis.

4. Coconut Dessert Ideas

A coconut cream pie

Baking with coconut is another way to unlock unique flavors. For example, everyone’s familiar with banana bread, but have you tried coconut bread? It’s amazing! You can also make dairy-free coconut sauces for desserts as a substitute for whipped cream—the perfect topping for your coconut cream pie!

5. Coconut Frozen Treats

A frozen coconut treat

Frozen treats like ice cream, gelato, and popsicles are a perfect fit for coconut. Coconut brings its own flavor that works as the star of the show, or you can use it to round out classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry for more creative coconut dessert ideas.

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