Beyond Fruit Beer: Our Favorite Fruits for Brewing Hard Kombucha

Homemade craft brewing not only includes the beer market, but expands into specialty brews that include ciders and kombucha. Kombucha is a well known fermented tea that is especially liked for its medicinal qualities. It is known to provide health benefits that include maintaining gut health. 

Kombucha brewing begins with a mother vinegar that contains bacterias and yeasts. The mix is then blended with a sugared tea. Fruit purees are a perfect addition to the brew at the initial blend, adding natural sugars and delectable flavors. The sugars in the fruit for fermentation will ferment over the brew period and create alcohol content. Alcohol contents of fruit kombuchas can vary between 0 and 5% generally. The longer the fermentation period, the harder (or more alcoholic) the blend. 

We take pride here at Fierce Fruit in providing one of the best quality all natural fruit puree products on the market. We source all of our fruit purees from only all-natural fruits that are harvested at the pinnacle of ripeness. Rest assured our aseptic fruit purees are strong and bold flavors that will be guaranteed to elevate your craft brewing to the next level. 

Working on your own fruit kombucha blend takes a little time and patience. Get your favorite recipes ready for tasting with friends or brewing commercially. We have some great suggestions to brew delicious and amazing fruit kombuchas using Fierce Fruit purees.  

Strawberry kombucha poured into a glass with ice with some mint

1. Mango

Mango is our top choice when it comes to blending fruit purees for hard kombucha. We love mango because it is sweet and luscious.  

We use a special blend of mangoes that include two types of the tropical fruit. We use a blend of Tommy Atkins and Sugar Mangoes. The fruits are all sun-ripened and our amazing mango puree offers strong and sweet fresh flavor with bold, bright color.

Mango makes a great pairing with kombucha because it tones down some of the tartness commonly associated with kombuchas. Brewing hard fruit kombuchas requires sugar for an extended fermentation period, and mango puree is a great addition of a fruit for fermentation of these sugars.

2. Strawberry

Another amazing fruit flavor to pair with kombucha is strawberry. The sweet and tart berry flavor makes a delicious combination with the effervescence of hard kombucha. 

Our strawberries are grown in the lush Andes Mountains at high altitudes. Controlled growing produces crisp, sweet strawberries that are harvested at their peak ripeness. They are sourced from three splendid varieties that include Albion, Dulce Ana, and Sabrina. 

Add strawberry to your fruit kombucha mixes to produce smooth and slightly sweet blends.  Our bold strawberry fruit purees meld perfectly with acidic drinks to produce beautiful pairings that are notably balanced. Not only will your strawberry puree kombucha taste amazing it will look beautiful as well with our bold red fruit puree. 

A metal bucket with seven different bottles of fruit kombucha on ice

3. Pineapple

For another spectacular fruit puree and fruit kombucha combination, look to add in fresh pineapple puree

All natural, non-GMO pineapple fruit puree is made from pineapples that are from the Oromiel variety. The Oromiel pineapple translates to the Honey Gold pineapple. The name is a perfect descriptor of the amazing fruit — sweet and juicy with a color that is bright gold. These tropical fruits are also a notable source of Vitamins B and C, copper, fiber, and manganese. 

Our puree is blended to a perfectly smooth consistency and is bright yellow in color.  Fermentation is made ever so easy when you blend pineapple puree as the fruit for fermentation with extra sugars and make delicious hard kombuchas that will please any crowd. 

Try out a new recipe that you have been thinking about with pineapple fruit puree.

4. Berries

Add in another stellar berry flavor to your kombucha — raspberry. Combine raspberry with your mother vinegar and create a memorable hard fruit kombucha

Our raspberry fruit purees are bright, bold, and tantalizing. You will not be disappointed when you see the deep red raspberry purees. They are harvested at their prime ripeness and exhibit flavors that can be difficult to describe. Some people relate raspberry as a tart yet sweet fruit with delicate hints of rum or toffee. 

You can mix berries as well if you’d like to venture out in your next kombucha recipe. Try a blend of strawberry and raspberry for a sweet and tart combination. Blueberry and strawberry combine for added sweetness, but the deep purple blueberry may make your fruit kombucha look a little muddy. Blackberry is another wonderful berry addition to kombucha.

Brewing Kombucha

Try any of these delectable all-natural, aseptic fruit purees in your next kombucha blend.  Mango, strawberry, pineapple, and raspberry are flavors that are sure to impress and add a much needed hint of sweetness to your hard kombucha. Use some of our suggestions to set your brewing ideas and recipes apart by creating subtle or bold well-balanced blends. 


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